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Q. Where does Gathre meet?

A.Gathre Homeschool Co-op meets in Reynoldsburg. 2Gathre Outdoors meets in Canal Winchester.  Our outings are all over central Ohio. 


Q. Do we have to attend all Gathre events to apart of Gathre?

A. No, you can pick and choose which Gathre events work best for your family.

Q. Do you offer drop-off programs?

A. We do not. Parents must remain on premises at all times, and assist where needed. 

Q. Is Gathre a religious or secular co-op? 

A. We are a secular co-op. 

Q. What is the Gathre attendance policy?

AGathre Homeschool Co-op (Mondays) has a very strict policy as it takes a lot of dedication to make it run smoothly. 2Gathre Outdoors  (Wednesdays) is non-structured and very "come and go as you wish".

Q. What if one of my children isn't interested in participating in class?

A. No one will require a child to participate. Child may sit with the parent or work on something else quietly. 

Q. What classes are offered at Gathre?


A. Gathre focuses on electives, community and social - emotional opportunities. 




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