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About Us

Meet the Gathre Homeschool Coordinators

Each with a distinct passion and expertise, they have joined forces to create a vibrant homeschool community centered around practical life skills and a shared mission.


Meet The Team

Together, their diverse attributes complement one another in a seamless partnership, laying the foundation for a nurturing environment where children not only learn essential skills but also thrive. Their collective vision is to cultivate a community that prepares future generations with resilience, practical knowledge, and a deep appreciation for lifelong learning.


Karin Hogg

Founder & Coordinator

As the Founder and Coordinator of various projects, Karin is often found working diligently behind the scenes, driven by a passion for building a like-minded community. Juggling the roles of Mother to six wonderful children and supportive Wife, she remains grounded in her Christian faith, leading with integrity and dedication. With an organized and hard-working approach, she thrives in the quieter spaces, embracing her introverted nature. Karin's journey is deeply rooted in motherhood, yet she strives to make a difference beyond the family unit, tirelessly working to create spaces where authenticity and connection flourish.


Marlee Francis 

Instructor & Coordinator

Marlee is an experienced herbalist and dedicated homeschool mom to two adventurous boys, aged 5 and 10. With a deep passion for teaching children the art of foraging and connecting with nature, Marlee has spent many years working with kids, nurturing their curiosity and love for the outdoors. In addition to her expertise in herbalism, she is CPR and First Aid certified, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment. Marlee has been a coordinator for Gathre Homeschool for nearly two years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a nurturing approach to the homeschool co-op. She inspires young minds to explore and learn from the natural world and is committed to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment, encouraging children to discover the wonders of plants and their uses.


Jess Chaney

Instructor & Cooridinator

With 12 years of homeschooling experience, Jess Chaney is a devoted mother of eight who thrives in teaching and community involvement. As an active leader in an American Heritage Girl troop as well as a coordinator and teacher at Gathre, Jess brings dedication and enthusiasm to every role. She finds joy in the outdoors and strives to continue learning about natural health, cooking, and education. Her passion for teaching is matched by her enthusiasm for learning alongside her children, fostering a dynamic and engaging educational environment. Jess values her faith, family, and community. Her creative spirit, outgoing nature, and relational skills drive her to seek variety and leadership in all her endeavors.


Paul Chaney

Instructor & Coordinator


Paul Chaney is a dedicated father of eight and the owner of a successful plumbing company. With a heart for serving others, he leads the middle school boys' small group during youth night, where his passion for mentoring and faith in the Lord shines through. Paul also enjoys teaching various classes at Gathre Co-op, including gym, ASL, choir, science, and theater, with plans to add maintenance and plumbing next year. He encourages students to reach their full potential both individually and as a team.

In addition to his teaching and mentoring roles, Paul manages the maintenance of the co-op building and assists with planning, setup, and teardown for events. In his spare time, he loves playing on a softball team and camping with friends and family.

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